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Resident FAQ

Police/Fire/Ambulance: 911
After-hours maintenance: 972.483.5600

The following companies provide service to Sloane Street:

Yes! We would love to have your friends and family join our community. Current residents who refer a friend receive a $250 rent credit after move-in.  Ask any of our leasing agents for details on this program.

Of course we won’t leave you hanging when it comes to staying connected. Sloane Street offers free Wi-Fi at our indoor and outdoor community areas including leasing center, the rooftop terrace clubroom, the fitness center and the courtyard surrounding the pool.

Being social at Sloane Street means more than just sharing our handles.  It means creating connections with residents and giving people avenues to meet real live folks face to face!  We also love social media as much as the next guy, so here are a few ways to keep up to date on our latest events: Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, or visit our Events Calendar.

We adore our furry friends, and we welcome your 4-legged family members! We accept dogs (certain breed restrictions apply) and cats only. You are limited to 2 total pets per apartment, and a pet deposit, non-refundable fee, pet rent and certain pet rules apply:  
- Pet fees include a $250 refundable deposit and a $400 non-refundable fee. 
- Monthly pet rent is $20 per pet. 
- We do not have any weight restrictions on pets, but certain breed restrictions do apply  
Call the leasing office to receive a full copy of the pet addendum.

We love social media as much as the next guy, but our goal is to bring back social EVENTS, where you can interact with real live people, who also live in your community.  Resident events are planned to appeal to all types: ranging from sports watching parties, holiday parties, meet your neighbor nights, happy hours at the rooftop terrace, weekend brunches, outdoor concerts and dog-friendly events. And because we can’t completely abandon our technology, we have several ways to keep you updated on our latest events: Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram

Sloane Street is proud to be a smoke-free community.  This means that all of our common areas – indoors and outdoors – as well as ALL apartment and townhome interiors are non-smoking, creating a healthy and clean community for our current and future residents.  We hope this helps you breathe a little easier about your choice to live at Sloane Street.

We’re doing what we can with a community-wide recycling program for all residents who want to participate. Our door-to-door valet trash service will pick up your trash and recycling at designated times Sunday – Thursday. There are blue recycling bags available at the Sloane Street leasing center that you can leave out with your other waste.  Or you can purchase your own recycling trash bags from the local store – Glad®, Hefty® and Husky® each have their own options.

Our community lies within the PLANO SCHOOL DISTRICT, a well-renowned school district that prides itself in educational excellence. 
Elementary School (grades K-5): BARKSDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Distance 0.9 miles  
Middle School (grades 6-8): RENNER MIDDLE SCHOOL - Distance 3.2 miles  
High School (grades 9-10): SHEPTON HIGH SCHOOL - Distance 2.3 miles  
Senior High School (grades 11-12): PLANO WEST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Distance 3.2 miles  

**Plano West made the 2016 Newsweek Rankings for the Top 1% of High Schools in the Nation.**

We’ve built Sloane Street with energy conservation in mind. But here are a few ideas you can implement into your daily living to help save on utility bills and conserve energy:


  • We have installed Compact Fluorescent Lighting in your home. When replacing bulbs, be sure to use CFLs. They use 20 percent of the electricity and last 10 times longer.

  • With compact fluorescent bulbs, it is best to only turn off lights if you will not be using them for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Constantly turning on and off compact fluorescent lights will significantly reduce bulb life.

  • Reduce the wattage of incandescent bulbs in frequently used areas.


  • Save considerable energy by turning your Air Conditioning to a warmer temperature in the summer when you are not at home, and turning the heater down in the winter.

  • During the summer months, set your thermostat at the highest comfortable setting. We recommend a setting of 78-80. You can save 7 to 10% on your cooling costs for each degree above 78.

  • During the winter months, set your thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting. We recommend a setting of 68-70. You can save 7 to 10% on your heating costs for each degree below 70.

  • Use ceiling or portable fans to supplement your air conditioning in occupied rooms. Replace filters monthly and do not block registers and return vents with furniture or drapes.

Daily Living

  • Use flat bottom pans that match the size of your stove burners. Clean the oven when it’s still warm from cooking.

  • Use a microwave oven when it will work just as well as another method.

  • Run appliances like the dishwasher and washer/dryer only when full.

  • Turn off appliances and lights when not in use.

  • Turn off/unplug all small electrical equipment, such as radios, gaming stations or TVs when not in use.

  • Turn off the lights when leaving an empty room.

  • Close your blinds during the day.

  • Turn down your hot water heater.

  • If you have a fireplace, close the damper when not in use.