2 weeks out, if possible

  • Schedule your movers
    • Or call up friends and offer pizza and beer to anyone who has a truck
  • Set up your utilities
  • Do a change of address to ensure you get your mail at your new home – usps.gov
  • Alert your most important social circle about your move
    • This should also include notifying your bank, employer, insurance company, magazine subscriptions – and don’t forget mom.

1 week out, if possible

  • Purchase renter’s insurance
    • To receive your keys, you will need to show your declarations page, with a minimum of $50,000 in liability coverage.
    • If you have a pet, ready them for the move
      • Pets are smart, so they probably already know something is going on. But you’ll need to be ready to pay for your pet deposit and fee before moving in.
    • If you have kids, register them for their new school

A few days before

  • Start packing (or if you’re an early-bird, this was done weeks ago)
  • Double-check the details
    • Did you remember to call the movers??
    • Schedule the pickup of your keys from the leasing office – don’t forget to have a copy of your renter’s insurance declarations page, your electricity account number and provider's name, pet deposit/fee and first month’s rent paid on the online portal, your Toll Tag number, and a valid photo ID ready to go for moving day.
  • Pack a small moving day kit – toiletries, a few paper goods, medications, a change of clothes and dog food are recommended. It always seems like Advil and toilet paper are the hardest things to find when you need them most!