Here at Sloane Street, we’re making our own rules.  Who says that apartments have to be one-size-fits-all.  We’re taking a different approach, giving you options, style and an authentic place to call home.  Whether you’re looking for an urban experience without the uptown price tag, uncommonly cool amenities, custom home interiors or just a space to sit on your balcony and watch the planes fly by, we have you covered.  And remember those options – yeah, you get to choose from 20+ floorplans, your personal preference on interior color schemes and even add some color in your home with our accent wall program.  Leave the cookie cutters to the other guys.  This is a style that’s ALL you.



When we say that our amenities are uncommonly cool, we’re not just all talk.  We’re walking the walk by giving our residents all that they deserve and more: A rooftop terrace – an all-glass clubroom surrounded by an outdoor rooftop lounge; A destination pool with a recessed alcove seating area where you can literally sit below the surface but stay completely dry; a Zen garden filled with boulders and greenery, perfect for mediation and relaxation; and all of this within walking distance to dining and shopping so you’re never too far from your next urban adventure.  It’s not uptown, it’s you.